November 26, 2015





Q: How many bottles of wine can I get per order?

A: You get 30 bottles to per order


Q: I’ve never made wine before. Is the process difficult

A: Not at all. Just come in tell me what you would like to make. We build the wine. I call you when it’s ready. We bottle the wine with either your own clean bottles or ones you have purchased through us. (I always recommend buying bottles for your first time)


Q: How much wine do I get with a single order?

A: 30x 750ml bottles or 15x 1.5L bottles depending on which bottles you would like to use


Q: Can I make different styles of wines?

A: Yes you can if you get several friends to participate with you in ordering each different varietal as long as EVERYONE is present at the time of bottling the wines.


Q: Is the wine made from Ontario grapes?

A: We do have one Ontario Sauvignon Blanc and a British Colombian Pinot Noir. But the majority of the wines we carry are already pressed wine grape juice from around the world i.e Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Spain, California, Washington, and Oregon.


Q: Are the wines you carry organic?

A: It’s as close to organic as you will get. Wine naturally produces sulfites which are a preservative within the wine itself. We add a very minimal amount of sulfites to the wine. The great thing is we don’t have to add any additional sulfites to your wine if you do not wish to have any


Q: Do you wash the bottles for us?

A: We do not. We leave that responsability to the customer it makes the process go faster and ensures quality of the wine. The cleaner the bottle the better the wine.


Q: Can we make Port and Ice Wine?

A: Yes you can! We have a few ports in stock year round and have even more in the fall closer to the winter months available. I just sold some to a good friend of mine and his girlfriend and she doesn’t even like port and really enjoyed it.


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