November 26, 2015






As the cost of living continues to rise so does the cost to plan a wedding. Backyard and outdoor weddings in the country have become more and more popular and what better way to celebrate your union than having some fantastic wine with new friends and family at an affordable price.

Please view the list of packages below. All prices included tax and labour:

Basic Package

Young, FRESH, Vibrant wines eager to be ready to be bottled in 4 weeks. Recommended 2 months before uncorking.

Available in 9 Red & 5 white Varieties!

  • Cheeky Monkey
  • 30 Bottles (750 ml)
  • 60 Bottles (375ml)
  • Custom Labels

International Package
Now this wine package has more distinct flavour to it. It’s a more refined… because it has some dried grape skins in there which adds body to the wine. In that it does take a little longer to make and for the wine to settle but once it does…. ohhh it’s tasty. Ready in 5 weeks. Recommended 3-4 of rest time after bottling
  • Cru International
  • 30 Bottles (750 ml)
  • 60 Bottles (375ml)
  • Custom Labels

Premium Wines & Specialty (Port/Icewine) Wine Package
Offering pressed grape juices imported from all over the world (Italy, Chile, Australia etc.).
Ready in 6 weeks time. Recommended 3-4 months rest time after bottling.
  • Cru Specialty (Port/Icewine)
  • Cru Select Wines
  • Atmosphere Wines
  • 30 Bottles (750 ml)
  • 60 Bottles (375ml)
  • Custom Labels

Primo Package
Put your wine snob friends to shame with this premium wine package. This is the cream of the crop of all of the wines we offer. Full rich flavour and body with multiple levels of flavour.
Ready in 8 weeks. Recommended rest time 4-6 months.
  • CellarCraft Showcase
  • WinerySeries: En-Premier
  • 30 Bottles (750 ml)
  • 60 Bottles (375ml)
  • Custom Labels



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