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About Us.

Hi I’m William, owner of Exquisite Wines. My first real exposure to craft wine making was from, well, home. My parents would make the wine in our basement and I was always wondering what that smell was! Little did I know, it went from a smell to an aroma that I would come to love.

I have always been around wine, from my mother having a successful brew-on-premise wine business to owning one myself. I’m always curious about different wines from all over the globe. After working in the restaurant industry for 12 years, it gave me a great perspective on commercial wines from different regions around the world.

With this outlook on wine I’ve traveled across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand sampling many different wines from various regions to further expand my knowledge and curiosity.

I’m a lover of wine and each grape’s story that’s been told, is being told, or yet to be told.

Got a question (or you’re just curious about wine)? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Our Store.

Our store is located in the historically rich Aldershot area of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. If you have ever been to Ikea in Burlington chances are you’ve seen our store. Next time you’re by come on in and say “hello!”, learn about wine, and enjoy our rich photos of Aldershot and Burlington of the past.

A Few Words About Us

Second generation vintner working in an industry he loves and keeping the wine dream going. He learned everything about wine from his mother (the first generation vintner), first hand experience at vineyards around the world, and through many books on wine and winemaking

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Store Owner

William has been making wine for over 10 years now and has a great passion for the taste and quality of the products he puts forward to each and every customer. Working in the restaurant industry for over 12 years previously has given him a wealth of knowledge and experience on both commercial winemaking and personal winemaking. In his mind there are no silly questions so feel free to ask away and give us a shot. 

William Porter


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